Product Features
Automatic sentiment analysis
Our automatic sentiment analysis algorithms examine the grammatical structure of sentences to measure the tone of the sentiment related to a chosen topic. We use leading-edge machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to measure sentiment related to your brands. You can view raw scores (positive, negative and neutral) as well as our qualitative judgement on the tone of sentiment. If our customers do not agree with our judgement, they can change it by clicking a button and our training algorithms will automatically learn on individual preferences.
Influencers identification
The software can identify influential bloggers and twitter accounts for a chosen topic based on a number of measurements. It displays all measurements so that you will see how they derive their authority. To fine-tune the process, you will be able to adjust the weights. We will work with you to optimise the process for your requirements.
Wide coverage
We cover a wide range of social and other online media sources. It includes blogs (including Blogger, Wordpress, Typad and LiveJournal), microblogging sites (Twitter), social networks (public Facebook pages), video sharing sites (YouTube), discussion boards, review sites and online news sources (regional, national and international). We present the relevant conversations organised based on the media type so that you can review them separately.
Buzz/ sentiment tracking
The software provides quick snapshot of trends in buzz, sentiment, media coverage and context of conversations. You can drill down these charts to uncover the underlying conversations and online voices behind the trends.
Export Data
You can export the trend data so that they could be used in reports and other forms of presentation materials.
Intuitive GUI
Our graphical user interface hides the complexities of the process. It is well structured and very easy to use.
Team Collaboration
The software has been designed to operate in a team-based environment. A customer will receive one super-user account which can be used to generate other user accounts. The software has an in-built mailing system which can be used to forward messages to other members in the team.
Easy to configure
Our customers can add, delete or edit the terms they want to monitor using the configuration panel. They can fine-tune the monitoring criteria using boolean operators available on the panel.
For Agencies
You can display your logo on the GUI and present the data and insights to your clients.